Trademark Registration

- On a first look, the possibilities of registering a trademark are unlimited, but actually the selecting and creation of a brand are not quite an easy task.

The trademark is the oldest and most common form of industial proprety, it is the auxiliary mark which attached to the service/name/logo will allow the consumer to tell apart simmilar products/services, thus eliminating the risk of assosiacion.

As a commercial brand that offers services in the area of textile finishing, TBW has registered the identity of the brand through words, signs and colors so that our clients can easily understand what services we offer as a company.

The functions and roles of a trademark are currently well defined in the global economy. As a consumer or merchandiser  the identification of products and services relies on knowing and using of registered trademarks.

As a buyer, the brand is a key element when making an aquisition.

From the point of view of the merchandiser, the brand offers the premises for individualising a product, and over time,  guaranteeing the recognition of its quality and protecting it against potential illegitimate uses.

Trademarking is not a simple object of industrial proprety, but a necessary and indispensable  aspect of any form of economical activity, including commercial services. In a world governed by market and competition it is important to protect your name, whether it is the name of a product, a service, or a company. A trademark becomes proprety, while an unregistered one can be used by anyone.