- Since its establishment, our company’s commitment has been towards the employees and the environment. This, as well as our experience accumulated over the years, in the commercial,logistic and
production field,make TBW a provider of quality services

The quality standards of TBW shall be achieved through:

  • continual improvement of quality systems in all operations
  • training of personnel to strive for perfection
  • enhancing customer satisfaction by maintaining consistent and high standards in our products with timely delivery
  • innovation and improvement of our technology


Quality management activities:

  • Quality assurance – standards are the key to effective quality management. TBW has implemented the ISO 9001 STANDARD since 2010.
  • Quality planning – the selection of applicable procedures and standards.
  • Quality control – we ensure that procedures and standards are followed.

In order to ensure the quality and safety of our products, we are collaborating with Intertek, an international third party group of testing laboratories for textile and chemicals industry.

In response to ever-changing governmental regulations and increasing market demand for high quality and new technology, we welcome our clients with new services available NOW – laboratory analysis and textile testing, to help minimize risk and protect the interest of both manufacturers and consumers.

Textile Blue Wash provides the following testing solutions for textiles, to determine the most appropriate consumer care conditions for the tested products:

  • Colorfastness to light, washing, dry cleaning, bleaching
  • Physical tests: strength, abrasion, pilling resistance
  • Chemical tests


ISO 9001 Standard

The standard covers all aspects of an organization’s activities, including:  identifying its key processes, defining roles and responsibilities, its policies and objectives, and documentation requirements. It also covers the importance of understanding and meeting customer requirements, communication, resource requirements, training, product and process planning, design processes, purchasing, production and service, monitoring and measurement of products and processes, customer satisfaction, internal audit, management review, and improvement processes.

ISO 9001 is based on the following eight Quality Management Principles, which are incorporated within the requirements of the standard, and can be applied to improve organizational performance:

▪ Customer focus,

▪ Leadership,

▪ Involvement of people,

▪ Process approach,

▪ System approach to management,

▪ Continual improvement,

▪ Factual approach to decision making, and

▪ Mutually beneficial supplier relationships.


 Management responsibility

 Quality system

 Control of non-conforming products  Technical quality assurance
 Handling, storage, packaging and delivery  Purchasing
 Purchaser-supplied products  Product identification and traceability
 Process control  Inspection and testing
 Document control  Quality records
 Internal quality audits  Training


Company Commitment

In order to achieve our organizational development objectives we take the following measures:

-       Our data base is in continuous development for the comfort of our partners and our security;

-       The technical problems and the challenges are solved in a rapid manner and with stile;

-       We act in accordance with the standards and the European legislation;

-       We invest in the training of our employees, assuring our partners their needs and demands;

-       We explore the weaknesses of our system and take measures to eliminate them;

-       We invest in our equipment and its maintenance.